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Welcome to Export Corporation

For well over half a century, Export Corporation has been an acknowledged leader in providing the complete range of packaging services and logistics required by modern manufacturers and marketers. Our quest for highest standards of quality and performance quickly became everyday practices because of the critical nature of the work we provided for the U.S. government, the military, large corporations, and for our civilian customers as well. We became highly proficient in meeting specific, finite quality and efficiency performance standards several decades before such measures were adopted by modern industry.

Export’s range of services includes contract packaging, assembly of sub-components, contact preservative application, damage resistance, rust removal, inspection, sorting, warehousing and distribution and more.

We work directly with product manufacturers, acting on their behalf in providing effective packaging and shipping services, thus enabling them to concentrate their efforts on the priority issues related to maximizing business growth and profits.

++ We Are Military RFID Capable. Cage Code: 7a627

Why Export?

“Export Corporation is more than just a standard industrial packaging company. Export’s full-service packaging capabilities and logistics knowledge are its differentiating marque.”


Small and medium parts packaging, warehousing + shipping

Over five million small and medium parts are packaged and shipped from our facilities each year. Our normal load includes over 4,000 different part numbers.

Custom packaging large, complex, or bulky items
Export Corporation has earned an enviable international reputation for handling large, complex, often bulky products that require sophisticated package design, handling and shipment.

Custom Logistic Programs 

Based on client needs and objectives, Export Corporation designs and coordinates tactical custom pick and pack programs. Export coordinates and manages everything.

Military specification packaging services

In addition to servicing the many needs of our customers’ commercial requirements, Export Corporation is a leading supplier of military specification packaging services



 Military & Defense

In addition to servicing the many needs of our customers commercial requirements, Export Corporation is a leading supplier of Military Specification Packaging Services.

Our History

After its founding during the post World War II era of the late 1940’s, Export Corporation was engaged by the U.S. Military to provide critical cleansing, preserving, packaging, ID, labeling, and shipping services to assure safe and effective delivery of critical materials to combat theaters around the globe.

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