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EXPORT Corporation – Leading into 2012

EXPORT Corporation – Leading into 2012

It was a whirlwind year – 2011 …. and we have provided – as always – our clients with sound logistical management and highly-efficient packaging, sub-assembly and effective new ways to warehouse and ship products globally.  We have evolved and grown, not just in size, revenue or products and services provided, but in new capabilities and technologies, yet have kept our commitment to be the best Logistical Packaging Company in North America.

We proudly serve some of the greatest National and International Companies worldwide, and our scope and sphere of influence is growing.  Clients are counting us us for more than just package and ship – they have trust in us now to handle a full spectrum of services… again, from inventorying, to product evaluation, to sub-assembly, to part preservation, to boxing and crating, repackaging, and in package design.

Our services are total and complete, and our reach is global.  Just ask us… we’ll show you the way.

Stay tuned… the year is just beginning, and we have some fantastic news that will be posted soon.

Thanks for being with us!

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